Grab yourself a ticket for a fun livestream.


Kirsten takes you on a musical journey from 8:30pm-9:30pm every Friday. Tune in for an eclectic mix of original music, unexpected covers and special songs written by her Father Stuart Adamson. 


You can also sign up by monthly subscription through her members site HERE but if you don't fancy the commitment then this ticket is the one for you.


Check out some audience reviews...


"Five minutes to go, the beer is poured, three minutes and the lights are down and then we are off. Kirsten Adamson is live! For the next hour it is the simple joy of listening to a voice that could heat the coldest heart, enjoying watching an artist full of vivacity, charm and humour as Kirsten regales us with small tales of now, and back when, all linking the music and songs that are effortlessly delivered or so it seems.

The sound quality is excellent as months of getting it right shine through and then she is gone. An hour that seemed like it had only just started is over. It is always a pleasure to toast Kirsten at the end with a single malt and plan for the following weeks Friday evening when once more Kirsten will be on facebook and bringing light, music and laughter into our lives." Andrew Murray 


"At the beginning of lockdown and the whole world was in a turmoil, Friday evenings became a serene sanctuary for myself and my husband. Kirstens voice and choice of songs were the only voice of reason and she promoted a bubbly calm atmosphere for everyone who listened to her. She truly has a unique talent to bring a sense of joy and happiness even in times of sadness. Her range and vocals are exceptional and I have never heard a singer who can adapt so easily to a huge selection of songs that we request from her. She is tireless in her attempts to reach out to every one. She has the voice and heart of an angel. At the darkest saddest time in my career she dedicated a song for myself and my team, Kate Bush a woman's work. Her voice and her deep understanding of the power of music brought every emotion to me. Not only is kirsten a class of her own as a musician, she is also a class of her own as a human being. She appear to have that one unique understanding of the human need for love, comfort and understanding. I have no doubt that she is a star and that her future will shine bright." Angela and Martin Sneddon



Ticket (link) To One Weekly Livestream