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Limited edition lathe cut square vinyl single. Currently only 17 are available to purchase online and they are all individually numbered. 


These special artworks are hand cut on a 70 year old lathe machine onto square, clear polycarbonate. Each one is listened to individually, in real time, to make sure the sound is good and the track runs from start to finish. Once the disc is approved it is passed to Adamson for the cover art.


For this edition she has spray painted each one by hand, handwritten the numbers and printed each one with bespoke stamps. Adamson has also stamped and signed the vinyl sticker and the back of the cover. Each one is completely unique and free from any factory production so there may be imperfections. 


These are one offs and won't be available once stock runs out.


Stamp design by Ben Richards and manufactured by Get Stamped. 


“Stitches” is a track taken from Adamson's first band The Gillyflowers'  EP 'No Dancing', released in 2012. Recently described in a live review as a mix of "sawdust and stardust" the track is about embarking on a new relationship before you've gotten over the last heartbreak, "Let's go behind the screen, tear me at the seams, rip the stitches from my heart! Sew me up again, sew me and I'll mend, all I needed from the start!"

Kirsten Adamson & The Gillyflowers - Stitches - LTD Edition Single

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