Limited Edition 4 Track EP Released in 2015 


Track Listing 

1. The Calling

2. Impossibilities

3. 21

4. Feel The Same (Extented Version)




released July 18, 2015 

Tracks 1&2 written by Kirsten Adamson and Phil Hopwood 
Tracks 3&4 written by Kirsten Adamson 

Engineered and recorded by Christopher Hall at The Sonic Lodge studios, Edinburgh. 

Produced and Mastered by Guy Perchard. 

Musicians on these tracks are as follows... 

Kirsten Adamson on lead vocals and electric guitar. 
Phil Hopwood on lead guitar 
Diana De Cabarrus on electric guitar and backing vocals 
Paul Gilbody on bass and backing vocals 
David Jamieson on keys 
Ru Stewart on drums 


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Kirsten Adamson - Impossibilities EP