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peace in our time

Can we really be living in the modern world when yet another senseless war is happening? Half of Ukraine's children have now fled the country, more than 5 million Syrian children are in need of humanitarian assistance and more than 12 million children in Yemen are in danger from war, disease and hunger. Around the world millions of children are suffering through acts of evil.

Feeling helpless and overcome with sadness I wanted to raise money to help these children in anyway I could. I put a call for action on my social media pages and was overwhelmed by the response for people to help out and take part in the release.

The video puts children in the spotlight as they poignantly mime the words to the song asking for "Peace in our time", whilst the vocals are performed by some of the UK's finest folk and Americana acts.

'Peace In Our Time' was written by my late father Stuart Adamson (Big Country, The Skids) and first released in 1989. This release features vocals from Karen Matheson (capercaillie), Dean Owens, Jill Jackson, Dave Burn, Lisa Rigby, Dan Raza, Emily Smith, Paul Gilbody and Jason McNiff.

I have chosen to support War Child charity with this release, donating all profits to their emergency appeal. They are currently working directly with children who are living through terrifying conflicts, offering them safe spaces and delivering life-changing services and support.

By supporting this single you will be making a difference to thousands of children whose lives have been turned upside-down by conflict. You’ll help War Child provide the emergency care and support they need to overcome the emotional and physical toll of conflict, as well as access to services to catch up on lost education that will help to transform their futures for the better.

Please help us spread this much needed message of peace.

Thank you,

Kirsten Adamson

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