What's she all about?

Kirsten is a passionate freelance musician based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

By day she coaches the young voices of the city and by night you can find her performing around the country with one of her musical ventures.


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Kirsten Adamson comes from an historical musical background in Scotland. Born in 1985 in the town of Dunfermline, Fife to Alexandra and Stuart Adamson. 

Alexandra, a World Championship Highland dancer, inspired her to take part in dance and singing lessons from a young age. She attended the Allana Brown School of Dance from age three and took voice lessons with classical teacher Robin Gordon from age seven. Both teachers nurtured her talents and by age ten Kirsten was cast in the leading role of 'Annie' in what would be the first of many musical theatre performances. 


Kirsten's Father Stuart (frontman of 80's rock band Big Country) was a huge inspiration to her throughout her childhood. Encouraging her to write her own music in her early teens and introducing her to country music when he relocated to Nashville, Tennessee in 1998. Kirsten would spend her summers in the home of country music and it was here where she first picked up a guitar and began to sing in a suitably country style. 

Kirsten continued to hone her talents through her teenage years performing with various musical theatre companies in Fife, teaching herself guitar and studying Tap and Jazz dancing. 


At age 21 she moved to Edinburgh where she set up her first band, The Gillyflowers, which would go on to become a dynamic 7 piece rock/country outfit. The Gillyflowers gathered momentum gigging in 2008 and received many 5 star reviews for their live performances. They released two EP’s entitled ‘Queen Of Hearts’ and ‘No Dancing’ but eventually disbanded before a full album was ever released. 

In 2012 Kirsten was determined to path her way to becoming a full time, professional musician and co-founded retro style wedding band 'The Honey Moons'. The band became highly desirable and were booked out year after year for wedding receptions, allowing Kirsten to move away from her part-time day job and become a full-time musician. 


By 2014 Kirsten had began to experiment with different styles of songwriting and had composed a pop/rock solo album. She went on to release a full, eponymously titled album in November 2015. She successfully funded the album with the help of her fans through a Kickstarter campaign. The album was well received and she went on a tour of the U.K in 2016. 


Approaching the end of 2016 she fell back in touch with an old songwriting partner, Dave Burn. Dave had asked Kirsten to sing session vocals on his solo album, ‘Arizona’ and Kirsten was delighted to dive back into a genre close to her heart, country music. It was during these recordings that Kirsten and Dave began to write together again. Songwriting flowed easily between them and they were excited at the prospect of creating a new sound together. They went on to create Americana duo, 'The Marriage' in 2017.

Since then The Marriage have brought their music to sell out events around the U.K. Such as Sofar Sounds, Oxford and The Green Note, London. In 2018 they won a slot at the newest and biggest Americana festival in the U.K. The Long Road and in November they released single 'Live, Love, Cry' which was warmly received by BBC radio stations across the U.K. and by listeners alike.


Also in 2018, Kirsten has co-founded vintage, close harmony trio, 'The Vaultettes' with Edinburgh based singers, Naomi Barclay and Anita Okienko. Both of whom she met whilst performing with Edinburgh Music Theatre Company. 

'The Marriage' and 'The Vaultettes' are set for a whirlwind year in 2019 and when Kirsten's not performing with one of the aforementioned groups she can be found in her home studio, teaching vocals, writing, video editing and recording session vocals. Not one for resting and being enthused by so many artists, Kirsten has a huge repertoire of material that she performs every week at various venues across the city. 

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Photo courtesy of James Glossop taken for The Times newspaper.


What's On Sale?

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“It's not by the hour, you don't have to earn it.

It's all in your soul you don't have to learn it.

Put it in a box and burn it!”

The Marriage 

Photo courtesy of Jannica Honey.



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